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ITAE Business School

We are an educational institution committed to our students and alumni. Our goal is to support them in the process of personal and professional growth. We are convinced that building new skills in each of them will enable them to grow with their organizations and contribute to their communities. 

Antonio Rubio

Founder Director

ITAE is the Business School, established in 1992 by regional entrepreneurs with the mission of providing solutions to the needs of businesses across all areas of business management. We achieve this through specialized education and consultancy, utilizing the most modern management approaches available in the market. 

Many years ago, a dream was born: to take part in the process of transforming people.


Functional Year

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Itae Business School is one of the leading Business Schools in Spain, offering postgraduate master's programs, executive education, and training for executives and businesses. There may be larger ones, but we are confident that few in the world pay the attention, care, and dedication that the Itae team puts into their work and the commitment to the development of the abilities of our students. 


We organize experiential learning journeys that enable professionals to travel to European countries, gaining new skills through on-site courses, cultural immersion, and company visits. 

Executive Education

We offer a wide range of executive training programs that have allowed us to bring together distinguished executives to share their experiences in various fields. 

European Master's Program

Our Master's program is recognized for being practical, with a faculty profile that includes modern and relevant content, and global in scope, with a diverse student body representing various nationalities. 


We are committed to being a Hispanic-Lusitanian school, bringing together the best of Spain and Portugal and connecting with Latin America through numerous collaboration agreements. 

Teaching from the experience of the professor/executive 

A Business School Connected to Business

There have been hundreds of academic activities that have allowed us to connect with organizations and issues. Thanks to the dynamics fostered in classes, conferences, and consulting, we have been able to contribute practical solutions based on knowledge.

Management Team

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Antonio Rubio

General Director

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Alejandro Núñez

Executive Director

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Rober Aphang

Academic Director

International Alliances